Dinner in Sorento

During the winter season, our central dining room is on the veranda, a large enclosed gazebo-like structure. It is an elegant yet intimate location where dinnertime together becomes an opportunity to meet others and enjoy yourselves, gaining a more complete understanding of the true Italian family culture.

In summer, dining takes place on the patio. It is an ideal place to feel the warm breeze and take in the natural fragrances, in addition to enjoying the view of our lush green garden.

The meals are daily planned and every single course is prepared and handled with skill and passion by the chef and it's students. The dinner is served in a friendly and informal way by the family members which background brag a professional waiting staff experience.

The dishes we prepare have all the freshness and rich flavours of natural and seasonal ingredients. We guarantee to our clients a deliciously wholesome meal that doesn't just taste better - but is better.

Our Chef, with thirty years of experience, knows what a difference in quality it makes to meals which are made with natural products and other fresh ingredients

A typical evening starts with appetizer, a main course second course and a delicious pastry, accompanied by a genuine home made red wine.

Clients are required to order before 12.00, to permit the kitchen staff to organise the evening meals.
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