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Half board holiday in Sorrento

Mami Camilla offers a half board treatment which includes one of the most beautiful rooms, the tasty and nutrition breakfast with some fresh fruits and typical products of the region; the dinner which will be served after a cooking class held by our chefs

From your room or your shelter you can leave with your rucksack and go on numerous trips, spending most of the day on the fabulous beaches of Sorrento and Sant'Agnello, leaving their beautiful landscape behind.....

When you get back to Mami Camilla you can stay with us in the patio where in the summer you can have a drink with the other guests in the cosy bar there, or in the winter you can relax soaked in the comfortable armchairs of the wireless area enjoying the atmosphere of our house as long as you wish.

In the evening our kitchen spreads its smell of food all around. We are never tired of repeating, the chefs who have been preparing the dinner for long hours, offer their special meal with love and dedication to our culinary culture. The wide range of specialties, a delicious home-made wine will be served and you will delight your palate with four courses: a tasty appetizer, a first course based on pasta and a second course, which can vary from fish to meat, depending on the choice of the chefs; little dessert or an ice cream are the perfect end to this marvellous dinner at Mami Camilla.

Half board treatment is very convenient for those who want to organize their holiday in Sorrento, or simply want to take a break, without spending too much and taking advantage of all the comforts and services offered by Mami Camilla, without sacrificing our traditional specialties prepared with a touch of genius
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