Before you leave, do check the expiry date on your passport or travel document. Indeed, to enter Italy, you will need to show border control a valid identity document that will not expire in the six months following your date of arrival

Also, before you leave home, do photocopy all important documents (the inside page of your passport containing all your details, your credit cards, tickets, driving licence, travel insurance, if you took it out) and take a copy with you somewhere other than where you keep the original documents. This way, in the event of loss or theft, it will be extremely easy to replace these documents even temporarily.

EU TOURISTS Italy is one of the 15 European countries that signed the Schengen agreement, which abolished the borders between the 13 EU member states (Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark, Sweden and Finland) as well as Iceland and Norway. This means that citizens of countries who signed this agreement are not forced to show their identity card or passport at the time of entry in one of the other Schengen countries. In actual fact, for these travellers the border no longer exists and tourist visas are not necessary either, nor are they requested from citizens of the other 12 countries in the European Union.
European Union citizens who want to live and work in Italy do not need to show any permit to do so; however, they need to register with the local police station if they get residency in Italy.


For tourists arriving from non-EU countries, in particular from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United States, you won’t need to ask for a tourist visa if your stay in Italy lasts less than 90 days. For all other tourists, you will need to obtain a tourist visa even for shorter visits. Entry visas, which are generally valid for 90 days, can be granted for a maximum of six months.
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