Health in Sorrento

Calling an ambulance is easy. Just dial 118 from any phone, both public and private, anywhere on the peninsula. For emergency treatment, you can go directly to the pronto soccorso casualty department, a ward you will find in every public hospital.

Healthcare in Italy is excellent (and free of charge), although you might come across some differences between one region and the next. In any case, it’s no accident that the WHO (World Health Organization) recently ranked Italian healthcare second in the world.

An efficient communication network between regional hospital poles and a unique emergency call system ensures emergency healthcare every day of the year at any time of day or night, and immediate admission to specialist facilities. Every region has hospital facilities to face any emergency and guarantee assistance to tourists for any type of pathology.
In fact, all foreign visitors are entitled to exactly the same services as Italian citizens as far as free medical emergency treatment in public hospital emergency wards is concerned. The Italian national health service is also part of the integrated European Union healthcare system (which also includes Norway, Switzerland and Iceland) for the total refund of health expenses incurred for all types of medical assistance in public facilities. However, to obtain free healthcare during your stay in Italy, ask your national health service for an EHIC form (European Health Insurance Card) before you leave.

In an emergency, you can also go to a chemist's where a doctor is always on duty and can provide useful advice or recommend over-the-counter medicine for common ailments. In the larger cities, it is not unusual to find that the doctors speak English. Also, in peak season, all the major tourist resorts offer purpose-provided medical facilities with multilingual staff providing assistance to tourists at any time of day or night.
Lastly, no vaccinations are required to enter Italy.

Emergency and/or Medical Assistance in Sorrento

24 Hour service
For cases of sudden illness, accident, injury, unconsciousness
Call free from either normal or mobile phone; coins or phone card are not required from public call boxes


24 Hour service
“Santa Maria della Misericordia” Hospital - Corso Italia - Sorrento - Tel. 081.5331112

A) Non-Italian tourists from EU countries and from certain non-EU countries that have signed agreements with Italy (Argentina, Brazil, Switzerland, Croatia, Macedonia, Tunisia, Cape Verde, Principality of Monaco, Republic of San Marino, Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro) holders of Form E111 or equivalent, issued in their home country at the time of departure may make use of health services in accordance with current Italian law:
for clinic/casualty visits:
submission of Form E111 or equivalent;
submission of a prescription issued by the on-duty doctor of the Tourist Medical Unit or GP;
appointment booked via the CUP (Unified Appointments Centre) Service provided only in italian language;
payment at the due subsidized rate;

B) Tourists from EU countries without Form E111, from non-EU countries that have signed agreements with Italy but who do not hold the equivalent of Form E111 and tourists from non-EU countries without signed agreements with Italy must pay the entire cost of services received, the basis of which are:
The rate are those specified in the current agreement:
General Practitioner clinic € 15,49 holiday address € 25,82
Paediatrician (freely chosen) clinic € 25,82 holiday address € 36,15

Monday - Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm
July - September

Sant’Agnello - Via Mariano Lauro, 1 - Phone 081.5331111
Vico Equense c/o De Luca e Rossano Hospital - Via Caccioppoli, 6 - Phone 081.879111
Massa Lubrense – Via Roma – Phone 081.8089135

Documents :
E111 or equivalent
Personal tax code/National Insurance number
Any documentation to confirm current or ongoing treatment

A list of voluntary workers of the hospital workers association providing services in foreign languages at the S.Maria della Misericordia Hospital, is available at the local health administration office in Sorrento.

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