Summer 2011 in Sorrento

Ravello Music Festival
Full programme of weekly concerts throughout the Summer.
March - June

Sorrento. Villa Fiorentino
Various exhibitions thoughout the Summer

Cocumella Hotel Concerts
During the summer season there are a number of evening concerts held in the Cocumella Hotel that offer visitors a chance to listen to beautiful music in historic surroundings.
May - September

The Cloister of St Francis. Sorrento 
Various art exhibitions throughout the Summer.

Local Festivals
The 'Festambiente' festival celebrating nature.
'Patron Feast of Saint Peter and Paul at Monticchio, in Massa Lubrense.
Sant'Anna,s Day (26th July) - Sea Festival at Marina Grande, Sorrento
Sea Festival at Sant' Agnello, Celebrating the sea, which has traditionally provided the region with its livelihood, this festival offers food, shows, and a good time, and draws big crowds..
'St. Salvatore's Day Feast', in Schiazzano, Massa Lubrenze, celebrating local produce.
'Festival of the Melon' at Piano di Sorrento.
'Marina della Lobra Regatta' at Massa Lubrenze.
Celebration to the blessed Mary in the village of Casarlano.
'Saint Rocco Meatball Fair' in the village of Maiano.
'Lemon Fair' in Massa Lubrenze Square.
'San Lorenzo.

Sorrento Jazz
A week of Jazz concerts at the Cloister of St Francis.
Aug / Sept
Open 9.00 pm

Chamber Music Festival
International Weeks of Chamber music at St. Rose Convent in Conca dei Marini Town.
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