Need to Know

Festival of the Meatball

At the traditional “Sagra of the Meatball” you may taste typical meatballs prepared with the addition of spices that give the mixture a characteristic bittersweet ...

Supermarkets in Sorrento

Standa Supermarket sale of Foodstuffs, fruits and vegetables, beverages, clothing, detersives Corso Italia, 221 - 80067 Sorrento Phone: +39 081.807.24.82 Pollio-SISA Supermarket Via degli ...

Summer holiday in Sorrento

If you haven't booked your summer holidays yet, it's right time to start making plans. You can book a one week holiday from August to September in Sorrento choosing to stay at Mami Camilla and you ...

Money and Banks

The currency in Italy is the Euro, the common European currency in use together with another 11 countries in the European Union since January 2002 (with the addition of Slovenia since 1st January 2006).

Emergency numbers

A modern, efficient network of operating stations of the various law enforcement forces and emergency centres links up all the police forces, bodies and agencies into a single system, to answer emergency calls ...

Health in Sorrento

Calling an ambulance is easy. Just dial 118 from any phone, both public and private, anywhere on the peninsula. For emergency treatment, you can go directly to the pronto soccorso casualty department, a ward ...


Should you find yourselves in tricky situations, here are the public law enforcement authorities in charge of the safety of citizens and foreigners staying in Italy.


Before you leave, do check the expiry date on your passport or travel document. Indeed, to enter Italy, you will need to show border control a valid identity document that will not expire in the six months ...
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